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We are driven by a desire to see and quantify results. Results that take the form of improved revenue performance achieved through more effective sales and marketing efforts. Improved results mean more innovative products and services providing more compelling customer value. Results that improve profitability and cash flow through improved business operation principles.

Our approach is guided by the following guiding principles, including:

  • Our clients know more about their business than we do. We can augment their knowledge and provide fresh, objective perspective. But we always build on the client knowledge, not replace it.

  • Collaboration yields the best results, so we operate as an extension of our clients' teams. As a result, new insights are developed by the whole team -- insights that would not have been developed in isolation.

  • Delivering value to customers requires intimate understanding of their problems, wants, and needs. Direct conversations with our clients' customers should be part of the process for improving innovation and revenues.

  • Good strategy poorly executed is meaningless. Part of our job is to help get it executed. We are 'hands-on' consultants.

  • If business activities do not eventually help a company's financials, then those activities are at best learning experiences. All activity should be justifiable.

  • The right result accomplished in the wrong way is not success. Therefore, we take personal responsibility for delivering on our promises to our employees and the community.


Prior to every engagement, we develop a clear understanding of the client's goals and expectations. We design a work plan that maps out what needs to be done, when it will be accomplished, and the results that should be realized. Our clients know costs and expected results prior to spending a dime with us. If we do not achieve the committed results, we keep working until we do -- at no additional cost.





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