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Project Management

GKS Innovations provides certified project managers that help your organization get the most out of its performance.  Project management office in a business brings value by through the following:

  • Defines and maintains the standard processes within the organization

  • Standardize and introduce economies of repetition in the guiding principles associated with the execution of projects.

  • Developing and provide documentation guidance and metrics on the practice of project management and execution.

  • Through the execution and integration of such standards within the organization eliminates departmental “silos” and creates better communication and collaboration within the organization.

As per a KPMG survey of 252 organizations, technology is not the most critical factor. Inadequate project management implementation constitutes 32% of project failures, lack of communication constitutes 20% and unfamiliarity with scope and complexity constitutes 17%. The same study also notes that 69% of project failures are due to lack and/or improper implementation of project management methodologies.

According to CIO.Com, establishing of project management methodologies alone is not a short term strategy to lower costs. Surveys with companies indicate that the long term utilization of the project management methodologies demonstrates better results achieved to accomplish project goals which ultimately lead to lowering costs. 

Contact Us  to learn more about how GKS Innovations can take advantage of the talent management (people), organization project management (processes) and global standards (information) to better achieve the operational results and improved efficiencies your company desires.





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