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GKS Innovations LLC offers creative solutions to small and medium sized businesses looking to create efficiencies and increase profitability within their organizations.  We use standardized methodologies outlined by the Project Management Institute to successfully implement Projects and manage major Programs.

GKS Innovations provides a fresh innovative approach to Process Design and Reengineering which allows you to focus on your businessís core competencies.   As clients we respect the fact that you have gained years of experience with your customers, markets, products and employees which are your greatest assets.  However, this experience can also limit the way you think about your business and potential opportunities because you are so close to the situation. Through our Management Consulting Services we roll-up our sleeves to ensure that you get the intended results.

GKS Innovations provides a unique array of Corporate Training Ė Technical and Management offerings.  We understand that the reason training offerings arenít more successful isnít because of the people that attend them (or donít attend them) ó itís because of the courses themselves. We work within the organizations to create creative teach delivery methodologies to obtain better attendance and better ROI for the training offerings.  Training offers include management and technical training customized to meet your needs.

GKS Innovations knows that keen insights and great strategies have little value unless they are well executed. We work with your existing management team and employees to provide Leadership and Talent Development Services to fully integrate the new strategies within your organization.  GKS Innovations is staffed with former executives and entrepreneurs that understand your challenges because we've faced many of them ourselves.  Contact Us now to learn how GKS Innovations can help you achieve your most critical objectives.




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